Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I lost my knitting needles

I havent' knitted in a couple days as Chandler' misplaced my knitting needles. He was fascinated by them and carried them everywhere with some yarn and pretending to knit. IT was so cute. But they got lost in the process so I didn't knit for 2 days. But yesterday Chandler was looking around on our messy kitchen counters and found my needles behind a box on our counters! So I can start knitting again! Yeah! I'm gonna start another square, I have 2 squares of 50 stiches each done. It's a slow process but I will make a sleeping bag like I promessed to Chandler, that's what he asked for.


Rumi said...

Glad you found your needles! I tend to have a few of every size. I often have several projects going at once and more than once I have looked for my needles only to find them with a project already on them!

John Henry Goico said...

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